05 November 2005

The Workshop: Still Going Strong

Well, I'm two days into the workshop now, writing from the hotel. It's been two days of Go from 9 am to 9 pm every day. And it's been great.

Unfortunately, as a 21 kyu, a lot of material is going over my head. Out of 20 participants, I'm the lowest ranked with the next lowest 9 ranks above me. I would say 75% of the material is over my head, but what I do get is great stuff. And I'm playing 2-3 games a day against players ranking from 12 kyu to 5 dan, which is always nice.

Each day, we start with a morning lecture. After the lecture, we split into two groups, with the higher level players reviewing their games from the day before and the lower players playing a recorded game. After lunch, there is a second lecture. After the lecture, the lower ranked players review their games with Mr. Yang. Dinner is folled by another lecture until 9 pm.

The most interesting things that I have learned have not been about tesuji or joseki, but rather a professional's opinion of how I play the game. I walked into the workshop thinking I had poor tactical skills and sound strategy. It turns out to be the opposite.

I will follow up on my report on Monday, including a narrative on the game I played with Mr. Yang. (Hint: result: W+Fatality.)


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